My Type 1 Diabetes Journey: Part 1

I get a lot of questions about living with type 1 diabetes, but I've never actually written any posts dedicated to talking about it. So I finally


My Favorite Chopped Salad

If you've never been to Columbus, I suggest you plan a trip solely for the reason that you MUST visit Northstar Cafe. Whenever readers tell me they


Confessions of a Food Blogger

My girl Alexis (aka the Hummusapien) did a post called "Confessions of a Food Blogger" a few weeks ago and it was pretty much my favorite thing of ALL


My Go-To Green Smoothie

Happy Hump Day Everyone! The temps here in Ohio have been creeping up, so my smoothie cravings have been slooooowly coming back after what

Pumpkin Cookies

Welcome to Crave!

Today is the day! Crave by Taylor is FINALLY here!   I am so excited about this new space and to be able to share my love for whole,